This is the blog of the facebook page we all love and cherish, called: Everybody draw Mohammed day!

This site will mainly contain information and news regarding freedom of speech.


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    • Dilawar says:

      You fucking nonsense, d’t know about history anything, no knowledge, in this world for everything there are certain rules / regulation without that u can’t manage, religion give you just certain rules, you guys should first learn then write plz else, cheating yourself not the others by saying just extremisum etc have no sense in actual way. plz should work out who was this fellow, what he teach then say. thanx

  1. Hevenz says:

    Second! Lol 🙂

  2. Hevenz says:

    Second Lol! 🙂

  3. Lovise says:


  4. michael daliege says:

    Another picture of MoHamHead for you, please keep my information confidential. Thanks! Here is the direct link to the drawing…

  5. Micha says:

    In my religion depicting the moon is absolutely forbidden and considered blasphemy.

    I honestly regret all the resulting inconvenience for the infidels, but according to God’s will He gave us in the Holy Book of Lunar Iconoclasm, I now need to kill everyone using a visual symbol of the moon or its crescent.

    (offline. Lots of work to do.)

  6. Mohammad says:

    I am Mohammad, and I approve this message.

  7. Back2Reality says:

    I don’t often respect those who would on purpose offend someone on the grounds of their faith. HOWEVER … being that many in Islam can’t take a joke or have a faith that binds them to murder when someone draws a picture of a prophet that enjoyed having sex with 6 year olds then I have to admit, I’m all in support for your cause. Keep it up!

    • whodouthink u are says:

      hmm how stupid can u be honestly! how do u know he had sex with a six year old and how would u like it if someone was taking the mic out of Jesus or whoever u believe in he! and where do u get ur facts from , little amateur do u really think u know everything about Islam! who did u ask? fox tv , ur mum , ur dad the Jew on the street or did u go to some knowledgeable Muslim man or women! Just to add some facts to Ur empty head he married her at six but she moved to his house at 9 , which was very normal at that time and don’t tell me that u Europeans didn’t do the same!!! Be happy that Muslims aren’t taking the mic of Jesus since they believe in him too u little ****** head!

  8. fuck says:

    Just fuck you alll

    • koran kills says:

      oh yes you can do that as your mohamad did it with 6 year old ayesha… you momedouns can only do this fucking bussiness

  9. FederalLaw says:

    Ok People do these idiots not understand the fact that in the United States we have a right to:
    1. Freedom of Speech/ Expression
    2. Freedom of Religion
    So we as US citizens allow these people and other to come in and practise their right to free speech and free religion, but now we are going to allow theur religion to tell us what we can and can’t say and/or do or talk about, draw, depict and so forth.
    I have always been one to say everyone have a right to what they believe in, but do not have the right to force it on others. And that no religion is right nor wrong!. But if your religion says you hav ethe right to try to kill me because of soemthing I say, do and or draw–Then Bitch bring it on!!! I’m loaded for bear and waiting to see that turbine wrapped head on my property-and I’ll personally introduce you to MOHAMMED!!!!!

    • Ahmed says:

      OK FREEDOM OF SPEECH???????? ha you know what? you are the kind of people who i want to bomb down. if i draw pictures of ur mothers, daughters, wifes and sisters naked would that be freedom of speech? im mean not that it would make any diference to you guys….. I WILL SHOW MY FUCKING FREEDOM OF SPEECH TO YOU GUYS! MUSLIMS WILL RULE THIS WORLD and you will be sorry you messed with the wrong people..i bet you guys are americans anyways, EVERYONE OF YOU IS A FUCKING RACIST ANY WAY. you filthy PIGS.
      ALLAH HO AKBAR GOD IS THE GREATEST!!”! and you will pay for this..oh just wait….perhaps an0other 9/11? you deserve that! ALLAH HO AKBAR

      • pstar says:

        Ahmed sounds like a fun guy. Do you have a blog Ahmed? And is “ALLAH HO AKBAR” a relative of Admiral Akbar? Because he’s cool. And you’re a tit.

      • Mohammad says:

        Actually, yes, that WOULD be freedom of speech. Apparently, not only do you not know what freedom means, you can’t see your own irony. We don’t go killing people for drawings. We don’t live in caves. You do understand it’s 2010, not 1209AD right? Your religion is so great, so you want to kill thousands over a drawing. Irony in how you assume we’re all Americans, yet call us the racist. Good job representing your faith as being full of ignorant, racist, hypocritical, violent brainless zombies.

        Oh, and if your region is so great, what’s with all the bombs going off, shitty weather, and over abundance of sand. Have fun in your shitty hot cave, I’ll enjoy my nice furnished house.

        And, I will leave you with this, us Americans were the only ones to use atomic weapons to demolish an entire city…twice. South West Asia would look good as one large glass table.

      • Mohammed says:

        You can draw whomever you bloody well like. But I’ll urge you to educate yourself instead, you might discover that you are a bloody retard in the process!

      • bang says:

        Ahmed, if allah is the greatest, does it mean he is not the only god? otherwise, its plain silly to call him greatest… its like saying the moon is the biggest as well as smallest natural satellite of earth.
        anyways, when muslims do rule the earth, most modern people would’ve left earth for better planets and solar systems and earth would be a shithole, just like all muslim nations. allahhuakbar, mohd’s dad should’ve used a rubber.

      • Parnell says:

        Congratulations on your excellent poe.

      • Dilawar says:

        Thats these guys wants now. Fucking nonsense, have no knowledge,

      • VoP says:


        — if i draw pictures of ur mothers, daughters, wifes and sisters naked would that be freedom of speech?

        That’s exactly what India’s Islamic Painter did against Hindu gods in the name of Freedom while painting his own god, mother, sister fully clothed! Just take a look and Hindus are still peacefully protesting unlike your type bombing the world.

        Look entire page here

  10. chris says:

    to the owner of the facebook page / this site: do you know of any plan (by yourself or others) to catalogue the best depictions of Muhammad into a single online location?

    right now the Facebook page is too riddled with actual hate, racism and other non-sense for it to be a really good display of the purpose of the event.

  11. Ahmed says:

    Due to the action of a certain few individuals, who were extremist, you guys are judging all of us. Will it be fair to judge all Amreican men as cheaters towards their wifes, and all the American women as hores and prostitues? because that could be a case, if you want to judge we can as well.
    Its so sad to hear that you are accepting that as freedom of speech. that just shows how low you can actually sink, and how much you would respect your mother,wife,daughter and sister.

    Its sad to see how you guys are waiting for a result of all this bullshit, and how you guys are actually wanting us muslims to behave bad. You are triggering some few individuals to do so. Of course this whole case provokes me, and I will do anyting for my religion and the beloved Prophet. Our love towards him and our own religion just shows how strong we actually are. The fact that Islam is the fastes growing religion must kill you? And after Denmark published those drawings, actually more danish people converted to Islam. I m so proud of my religion and i wish i could remove all your judgements towards it, and all that hate that media has created. But I have one thing to say: read the Quran, read whats in it, what Allah says, and then you can come and tell me about my religion. Not before that!

    • Mohammad says:

      Either you are mentally retarded, or just dumb as shit.
      Your own quote; “MUSLIMS WILL RULE THIS WORLD and you will be sorry you messed with the wrong people..i bet you guys are americans anyways, EVERYONE OF YOU IS A FUCKING RACIST ANY WAY. you filthy PIGS.
      ALLAH HO AKBAR GOD IS THE GREATEST!!”! and you will pay for this..oh just wait….perhaps an0other 9/11? you deserve that! ALLAH ”

      Yet, you wonder why civilization doesn’t like you. How about this, since you think you’re so fucking high and mighty, how about not acting like a bunch of bitches over a drawing? What? Your religion is so fucking weak, it can’t take a simple drawing without being offended? It doesn’t take a Facebook post to make you “behave bad.” You show it time and time again with your violent way of thinking. “Praise Allah or die.” Just remember neanderthal, eventually people will tire if your bullying ways and just eradicate you completely. Just like with the Crusades. Seljuk Turks learned their lesson you will too. Oh, and apparently you Muslim idiots don’t know your history. Perhaps you forgot the “evil” Jews helped you to try to defend Jerusalem from the Franks.

      • moslem says:

        Hey Mohammad, stop using Mohammad if you againts Moslem. It’s just become more insulting..

    • Penny Dobbs says:

      “Will it be fair to judge all Amreican men as cheaters towards their wifes, and all the American women as hores and prostitues?”

      I’m an american expat living in the middle east and this is EXACTLY how 90% of muslims I know here view us

      • Carsten says:

        The Quran says that Allahs love for ALL MANKIND is much bigger than a mothers love for her child. The Bible says allmost the same.
        It just seems that the interrest for power, domination and pride is much bigger than the will to exercize the core of almost every religion – LOVE.

        Find God in your heart – not in your book!

        I’m from Denmark, and I don’t hate Islam. I hate when people – by aggressivity or even violence – try to surpress me and dictate what is ok and what is not.

  12. Ahmed says:

    And about the “And, I will leave you with this, us Americans were the only ones to use atomic weapons to demolish an entire city…twice. South West Asia would look good as one large glass table.”

    Just listen to your self. Please. Americans are cold people. Thats all I have to say!

    • Jakie says:

      thank you Ahmed! Fianaly a person who sticks up for what they believe in!
      You people make me sick!
      The phrophet Muhammed (s) was an AMAZING man who only wanted peace among people, yet alot of you only want to see what you want to see. You want to see the phrophet as a pedophile, you go ahead and do that as long as the muslims know in their hearts that the phrophets time was diffrent then ours. Romeo and Juliet: Juliet gets married when shes 12
      And we consider that to be the greatest love story in the world
      Times were diffrent back then and they are diffrent now. yes there are extreamists but you cant blame society for the mistakes or choices of some of them.
      Do you want to know who the phrophet really was? open a QURAN and find out dont turn on you tv’s. the news will tell you what you want to hear not whats really going on.
      man walks into the gap store, kills his girlfriend himself and 10 other people did you hear about it on the news? nope why not? oh yah the guy was a practicing christian
      Do you want me to draw Jesus on a pigs body going “F me”? i didnt think so, so how about you give some respect to the people who give it to you

      • Mohammed says:

        I Read the ‘mighty’ Quran after the Muhammad drawing riots. Honestly It made me sick to my stomach. It is so full of oppression and racism that it is unbelievable that anyone can claim it is a book of peace. All Good things are for muslims, everyone else can basically go f…. themselves according to the Quran.

        So I say f…. you back and take your oppressive death cult elsewhere.

      • Ha says:

        If its a muslim who do something then the media creates a big fuss about it, but if its someone else then its a minour case and it was an “accident”.. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is and was the greatest man of all time, and no matter how many drawings they can draw or say whatever they want to, our love for him will remain the same and we will do whatever we can to protect his reputation. Our Prophet (pbuh) says : Do not be people without minds ofyour own, saying that if others
        treat you well – you will treat themwell, and that if they do wrong –
        you will do wrong. Instead, accustomyourselves to do good if people
        do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.”
        (Al-Tirmidhi #1325) and Inshallah will we hold on that!

      • F@#K Mohammed says:

        I opened the Quran once. I ran out of toilet paper and needed something to wipe my butt. I bet your fake prophets tongue would have felt better though.

      • Reasonable says:

        Yeah, you can draw a picture of Jesus doing whatever you like. You can burn our flag. Romeo and Juliet is a work of fiction, although people did marry much younger back then. Of course, they died a lot sooner too, so they had too. I think the issue with Mohammed is that he, as a grown man, married a 9 year old. That is a bit icky to most modern people with any sense of decency.

        We hear about Christians going crazy and killing people all the time. There are a few incidents a year of some crazy person wandering into a church with guns blazing. The religion in that case doesn’t matter because it isn’t the driving force behind the killing. It is the opposite in your jihad. You are using religion to justify the kind of atrocities that will see you expelled from decent society.

        It’s really nice of you to subjugate your women, allowing honor killings for perceived slights against men. How can anyone seriously consider that to be part of any good religion? Now I’m not a fan of any particular organized religion. So before you start bashing with anti-christian talking points, please be aware that I don’t care. Even if I was a devout Catholic, I still wouldn’t care what you did, as long as it caused no physical harm. That is the point of America and other countries who celebrate freedoms that should be available to all people of both sexes.

        Until you can amend your flawed and, frankly evil, view of the world, you have no moral high ground on which to stand and pass judgement.

  13. Maybe you want to link to the Zombietime all-time most popular Mohammed Gallery? Great drawings!


  14. Disappointed says:

    Protection of freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. But morals should kick in at some point before intentionally going out of one’s way to disrespect someone else’s beliefs. The prohibition of depictions of Muhammad is not limited to extremists or terrorists, it’s a belief held by a great majority of ~22% of the worlds population (estimated # of Muslims). What about those kind, respectable citizens in this world? Do these innocent bystanders matter to you?

    • Czar of Defenestration says:

      And, pray tell, just *what* have those so-called “kind, respectable” muslims said or done to stop the *decades-long* islamic terrorism against the West?

      Just more “wanna-feel-good so-I-blame-myself” Leftist onanistic thinking….

  15. "you are the kind of people who i want to bomb down" says:

    Mr. Ahmed: “you are the kind of people who i want to bomb down…you will pay for this..oh just wait….perhaps an0other 9/11? you deserve that!…Due to the action of a certain few individuals, who were extremist, you guys are judging all of us” Wow… impressive how you automatically resort to threatening violence when confronted with an unfavorable situation. And as if you don’t view yourself as a violent extremist! “..a certain FEW individuals”?? It’s amazing how some immigrants can enter a country and automatically assume an undeserved sense of entitlement. When I enter another country and they are allowing something I don’t agree with I don’t freak out and resort to violence with the intention to force my beliefs unto them, I LEAVE. If it does not directly physically harm me or prevent me from leaving, why would I stay there to force my belief, a belief not shared by the general public of this foreign country, unto them. In America I see many things I don’t agree with but I’d rather live in a place where you can say anything you want without fear of BOMBERS or TERRORISTS coming after you rather than a country where you must hold your tongue and follow the status quo and live in fear of being bombed or killed for expressing yourself. It’s interesting how the angrier Muslims get about this situation the more people post drawings of Mohammed that are extremely disgusting and are definitely million times worse than what Trey Parker and Matt Stone would have done. By reacting the way Muslims did (via angry threatening letters declaring death to Parker and Stone if they aired the CARTOON Mohammed) they ultimately screwed themselves over. The way we see it… it’s OUR country…WE like it…if YOU don’t…LEAVE. Sure the threats frightened many but over the next couple months things will change. The facebook group connected to this site for instance.. over 61,000 members and growing every minute. You can’t silence us.

    • I feel sorry for you says:

      Freedom of speech is acceptable as long as it does ot hurt anyone. If i go around killing people because theyre jews and because i dislike them is that freedom of speech? If you guys are so desperate to say something about our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) then criticize him, and we will defend. But by drawing those horrible pictures its just hurting to see and think about.

      By acting or handling this situation angry was non acceptable.The first time. But then it was published again, and again and again. We will not tolerrate this anymore. But our beloved Prophet says: Do not be people without minds ofyour own, saying that if others
      treat you well – you will treat themwell, and that if they do wrong –
      you will do wrong. Instead, accustomyourselves to do good if people
      do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.”
      (Al-Tirmidhi #1325) Majority of us are following us, but there are extremist, like there is in any religion who cannot accept this, and therefore they act like they do. If you ask a practising christian about how he would feel if i drew Jesus as a pig and or created a page about jews on FB then Im sure you would get the same respnse. There is something called respect in this world, which you guys dont have, and surly you will be sorry for what you are doing. All actions have consequences my boy! And we shall not silence you as you will not silence us!

  16. rdbrewer says:

    Have you had trouble with people getting their accounts suspended because of their involvement on FB? This morning, I read about someone getting knocked off several times. Hoursa later, I uploaded three pictures, and boom, I was shut down. The dirtbags are flagging everything apparently.

  17. muslim says:

    thanks ahmed…
    you are a man who very clever & smart. I love Islam very much… I love Prophet Muhammad. To all of you let’s join with Islam and you will get the big happines. because the true life is not here, but at there, at the life before we die. the world must broken, and all of us will die and leave this world. stop the war, love and peace for all people. from me… THE MUSLIM… and you call me MOSLEM. wathever… From Islam with Love & Peace.

  18. muslim says:

    because i know who you are….

  19. sfim22 says:

    ok, I am from pakistan, muslim, and i got a question, I need someone to explain to me that what is your idea of freedom of speech, i mean do we draw a line somewhere, if so how do i know where to draw a line?

  20. ISLAM ONLY says:


  21. Joker says:

    Racist/hate speech

  22. Joker says:

    I love islam

  23. zeitgeist says:

    well…somehow please watch zeitgeist at youtube…everyone were invited ^_^

  24. mim says:

    can u tell me what is free freedom of speech?

  25. ken says:

    I keep getting disabled by facebook for no reason. Where else can we post all our work?

  26. FUCK OFF says:


    • BACK OFF says:

      your comment is sooo typically muslim…lol

    • Czar of Defenestration says:

      Gee…*thanks* (/s) for “sharing”
      all that islamic peace and tolerance, F.O.!

      You really go the extra mile (or, do they use kilometers in Indonesia?) in displaying The True Face (backside?) of Mohammed.

  27. H says:

    Good day to ALL

    I am a Muslim and a follower of the Prophet Muhammad .

    While it hurts me and it deeply offends me as a Muslim to see this sort of thing in a public forum, I believe the Prophet has his Defender and is beyond what you, myself or anybody else may ascribe to him. He was who he was and no cartoon can defame or embellish that. I am not here to gripe, bitch and moan about that. Instead, I want to challenge YOU to something else.

    I believe the premise of your undertaking is to stand up to the values of free speech and expression in the face of religious fanaticism and violence as disseminated by some Muslims vis a vis the original cartoons. I think this is entirely honorable and justified and I commend you for that.

    But I challenge you to see if you are truly committed to such values and notions and if the system that you promote is entirely supportive of freedom and expression.

    I dare you, to start a Facebook page/website titled EVERYBODY DRAW FUNNY HOLOCAUST CARTOON DAY. Better yet, why don’t you call it MY GRANDMOTHER WENT TO AUSCHWITZ AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT!

    Then perhaps we can wait and see how far Freedom of Speech is truly valued by our society, if at all.

    I post this challenge to you and your colleagues not as a ploy to engender hate or to hurt others, but to really understand if the values that are supposedly threatened are as highly valued as everyone assumes they are.

    For the record, I am not a Holocaust denier nor do I think that it is by any means an issue that should be made light of. But then again, I feel the same way about my Prophet.

    Thank you.


    • Ha says:

      We should try this and see how these low level people will act upon that! But then again in our religion, Islam, we are told by our beloved Prophet (pbuh) Do not be people without minds ofyour own, saying that if others
      treat you well – you will treat themwell, and that if they do wrong –
      you will do wrong. Instead, accustomyourselves to do good if people
      do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.”
      (Al-Tirmidhi #1325)

    • Dave2 says:


      1. By US law, Holocaust deniers are free to publish their writings. Indeed, they do it all the time without any trouble. Moreover, there aren’t any high-profile threats of violence against Holocaust deniers. And when Cartman makes light of the Holocaust on South Park, Comedy Central does not censor the show. So you can see that your comparison between Holocaust denial and depicting Muhammad does not hold. However, let’s suppose (hypothetically) that some militant Jews began a campaign of violent threats against Holocaust deniers, and that they managed to censor Holocaust jokes on South Park. In that case, you would be right: we should start denying and making light of the Holocaust, as an act of open defiance. Until then, your point falls flat.

      2. If you sincerely think that making light of Muhammad is as serious as making light of the Holocaust, then you are psychologically disturbed. Muhammad was a man who claimed to receive divine messages. The Holocaust was the systematic slaughter of millions of innocent human beings. Making light of Muhammad is like making light of Joseph Smith or Jesus or Moses or Buddha or L. Ron Hubbard: these are just religious figures, and there’s nothing serious about them. But making light of the Holocaust is like making light of the Black Death or the Rwandan genocide or the Ukraine famine or the firebombing of Tokyo: these are horrible human tragedies, and they are very serious indeed.

  28. bl1y says:

    Here’s my contribution:

  29. Sai says:

    I ask that you all look deeper into your actions & words and realize the harm you’re inflicting upon faithful worshipers. In the end, you’re accountable for your deeds as I am for mine. There likely will be a violent backlash from a minority, but the following Quranic verse reveals how true Muslims are to respond. Also there is universal wisdom which I hope you can all benefit from.


    And the servants of (Allah) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, “Peace!”

    (The Qur’an, Chapter 25, Verse 63)

  30. Who are we or you to punish? says:

    Who are we to punish?

    The maximum punishment in this world is a death sentence. Nothing more can be achieved. But remember as Allah says in his Holy Qur-an
    Chapter 9 VERSE 67: “The hypocrites, men and women, are all alike. They enjoin evil and forbid good and withhold their hands. They have forsaken Allah so He has forsaken them. Surely the hypocrites are the transgressors.”

  31. tim says:

    Poor Ole muhammad never had a girlfriend, never laughed, just spent his whole existance hating everybody who didnt believe as he did. Then the poor bastard died and got his 72 Virgins but low and behold they were not Virgins but 72 Virginians that wrote the U.S. Constitution and he aint had a good day since. Moral, freedom isnt free and those who repress must ultimately meet those they repress!

  32. skepsos says:

    Lovely, but where can I submit my drawing?

  33. to Email:andyfreedomofspeech@hotmail.com
    from me:very good display of stupidity
    i congratulate you on being the great dick head of the satan, you mother of devil, hope you rot in hell for such a great display of “idioticy” lol its not even a word i guess

  34. skepsos says:

    What happened?
    Did the site get hacked??

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