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Freedom of speech! Nobody is above criticism, not even I ;)

11 Responses to lolo

  1. Jeroen says:

    your facebook page is awesome. keep up the fantastic work.

    • Muhammad says:

      Al-Quran [108] Verily, We have granted you (O Muhammad (SAW)) Al-Kauthar (a river in Paradise);[] (1) Therefore turn in prayer to your Lord and sacrifice (to Him only) (2) For he who hates you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)), he will be cut off (from every posterity good thing in this world and in the Hereafter). (3)…

      Al-Quran [Chapter 93] By the morning hours (1) And by the night when it is stillest, (2) Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee (Muhammad P.B.U.H) nor doth He hate thee (3)

      Al-Quran [Chapter 94]Have We not opened your breast for you (O Muhammad (SAW))? (1) And removed from you your burden, (2) Which weighed down your back? (3) And have We not raised high your fame?

  2. awesomesauceuk says:

    Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Majot Toms a junkie… 😀

  3. Salman says:

    I will put little bit of free speech in your mothers pussy.
    After all your mother pussy has become so big junglee like river amazon.
    You racist bastards create all the hatred in the name of free speech.

    • awesomesauceuk says:

      A Religion is not a Race.

    • FreeAmerican says:

      Such an articulate post. I know you’re parents are proud.

      If Mohammed wou;d approve of that post – he’s a freakin’ moron!

      You inspire all decent human beings to become something other than Muslim.

    • Free Speech is Sacred and Protected says:

      Uh, you realize you are invoking free speech to write that. No one from the Facebook Islamic Mafia is going to come knocking on your door with an IED. IRONY that you don’t get that.

  4. Free Speech is Sacred and Protected says:

    Thank you for starting EDMD. It’s time to stop the loop of violent fundamentalists invoking free speech and protection of their views which the politically correct must not question. Free, protected speech is my inalienable right, and if I draw your prophet, you do not have the right to even imply that you will threaten to kill me. I draw Mo. He told me that he really does look like that, and he doesn’t understand how it all got this far out of hand that people think he doesn’t want to be portrayed like he was once a living person. He said to tell his followers to grow up and stop behaving like toddlers.

  5. paster says:

    Fuck you! You ‘d better go to hell.

  6. dagon says:

    fuckin’ awesome

  7. Gyryth says:

    I’m areligious myself, but I can’t imagine a self-defined Christian writing as offensively as Salman, so maybe not all religions are on a par.

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