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Freedom of speech! Nobody is above criticism, not even I ;)

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  1. Julian says:


  2. JustExtreme says:

    Haha it seems the point is proving itself

  3. makaron says:

    “if we don’t like something then lets hide it quickly otherwise somebody else might see it…hey they may even have their own opinion about it! not to mention that it may be different than our only right, correct and holy party line!”
    geeee reminds me of communism…
    but i guess even uncle josef wasn’t that blood thirsty as these lunatics

    i think i know who i will draw mr m as
    tomorrow is THE DAY ;]

  4. Muhahahammmad says:

    Can’t see what the big deal is. Why do drawings of an old pedophile cause people to get so bent out of shape.

    allah akhbar my ass

  5. Megore says:

    whats the point of banning facebook the images are still going to exist and wouldn’t just ignoring the images have the same effect?

  6. Jakie says:

    you people are sick, you know what the phrophet is considered a GREAT man and all you people care about is “who can draw him best”
    I am horrified by the fact that facebook wont ban the page for racism
    Do you see muslims making pages about drawing Jesus Christ doing disgusting things? Can you even imagine someone drawing Jesus, your most sacred person doing someting wrong? no you cant because unlike you, we have morals
    and just to let you know you cant talk shit about a person you dont know anything about. You wanna know who the phrophet was? Open a book called the QURAN, turn off the damn news storries of extremists trying to blow themsleves up. If all you people relyed upon the news to tell you everthing, youd be scared of everything that moved
    you wanna hear a story? a man walked into the gap store and shot his girlfreind, 10 other people and himself, wanna hear something funny? no one ever knew, it was never on the news why? this guy used to be a priest. The news has a funny way of showing what they want to show

    • ashleyfmiller says:

      A) There’s loads of stuff out there making fun of Jesus. In fact, the big joke on South Park was about how they could show Jesus in insanely awful ways, but not just depict Mohammed simply standing
      B) We’re not all Christians, I find no reason to find offense in making fun of any religion
      C) There’s nothing racist about disagreeing with a religion, Muslims come in all shades
      D) Your morals apparently include threatening to murder people who draw cartoons, I’m doubting your claim of moral authority
      E) The Quran is full of ignorant, 8th century prejudices and fairy stories as anyone with half a brain who tries to read it would realize
      F) Knowing who the prophet was or even believing in the Quran is no reason to deny others free speech
      G) If the news didn’t want to talk shit about Christians, we wouldn’t hear about all the Priest rape going on with Catholics or Christian nuts blowing up abortion clinics or starting militias

      (((:~{> Mohammed Approves This Message

  7. Dangomushi says:

    Look Jackie… drawing images of a religious figure is not racist. I’m sure there are some who will interject some racism into the mix… but that’s not the basic agenda here. The point is that no religious figure should be immune to criticism or parody.

    Are you seriously blind to all the gobs of Jesus parodies floating around out there? I have seen lots of pictures of Jesus Christ doing “disgusting things”. It doesn’t matter if some people think he is a “great man”.

    Free speech means the freedom to criticize or parody anything and everything. If a Muslim suppresses the speech of someone who wants to parody Mohamed, what is keeping that suppression of speech from going further and silencing the Muslim when they want to criticize something? Freedom of speech doesn’t work when you start picking and choosing arbitrary things that can or can’t be criticized.

    Also, I have picked up and read from the Quran. There is quite a lot of things I find detestable in that book. Lots of questionable morals and teachings. Lots of things that deserve the scrutiny that it gets!

  8. Muhammadi says:

    People who believe in belittling others are often those who themselves are living meaningless lives full of shady values. The fact That You are drawing so much attention to Our Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him shows how much you are affected by his great persona..Muslims are hardly ever bothered by how buddha looks or christ or anyone for that matter bcoz we know whats right and whats wrong. We have been given the best guidance there ever was in the form of Holy Quran…and for those of you who do not understand it…Allah opens the heart of only those he wants to rest of you can continue living like this and miss on one of the greatest oppurtunities u could have had i.e. of experiencing the sheer joy in being a Muslim. Tsk…you’ll never know the difference…so you can continue with your crap!!

    • makaron says:

      somehow i prefer a sheer joy of being myself…
      do not need to beat my wife, stone people to death for some stupid reasons or marry a kid to be happy xD

      and yeah, you know what’s right or wrong, sure,
      we can see it everyday when hundreds like you are calling to kill people and rape their families in the name of allah

  9. mark says:

    i am amazed at how many backwoods ignorant monkeys are posting here. Sad that many of you are roaming the streets of America

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