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Freedom of speech! Nobody is above criticism, not even I ;)

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  1. fuckyou says:

    fuck..you…i will bombing every jewish

    • Free Speech is Sacred and Protected says:

      Hmm, try dropping in on English classes first. Go literacy, the antidote to violence!

    • Tolerance says:

      Free speech is, go figure, the freedom to speak freely (how is this a difficult concept?). Learn to tolerate it!

      Only tyrants suppress free speech. I doubt Muhammad was a tyrant in life.

    • I am an Arab ex-Muslim. Why do you threaten Jews over this? This is about free speech, not Israel or Jews.

  2. rizal nurba says:

    fuck you adminb i will kill you

    • makaron says:

      just wondering….do you actually know other english words than “fu!k” ?

    • jpaulg says:

      Hmmmm, Isn’t Jesus a prophet in Islam? You better be careful of what you say little rizal nurba or one of your wonderful brothers in Islam will cut your throat.
      The Christians will pray for your repentance and salvation.
      Hmmmm again, Which group represents the God of Heaven?

    • Free Speech is Sacred and Protected says:

      Jesus and his followers would never harm you for saying that. That’s what religion looks like when it’s not being hijacked by terrorists.

  3. Pater says:

    All Founders of this group, partners and supporters all is motherfucker, son of bitch, bullshit …..If you want to have respectful of others, learn to respect other religions or for people. look at, I could do about your religion or scold blodsinn, but I have not done so. because I respect other religions.But you’re a son of bitch, fuck your mom, fuck your sister, fuck your dad “yourself”

    • makaron says:

      indeed you respect…by calling us “son of a bitches” and threatening to rape our families…
      geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….that’s one piece of solid respect!
      my stool is more solid than this ;]

  4. Wow, such viturol! And rizal, please don’t employ such sesquipedalian words! A few well choosen simple vocabulary will suffice.

  5. Now, now. That’s not nice.

  6. wisteria1954 says:

    If this rizal nurba is the same one on fb, he says he is a ‘friendly person’.

    How can we find the posts he posted @ EDMD?

  7. Whatever says:


    To be honest, as a muslim, I’m just bored with how many people aimlessly try to do this.

    All I’m gonna say is. That there’s gonna be fireworks. Big fireworks.

    Wow. You’re really clever.

    Backlash is gonna be so big..

    • crzymcgee says:

      All I’m gonna say is. As a free man, bring it on little bitch.

    • jpaulg says:

      So what you’re saying is that due to the practice of free speech that is offensive to your religion that you’re going to rise up and put a fatwa on everyone and try to kill America and everyone who is not muslim.
      Hmmmm, wasn’t that already happening?
      Any, and I mean Any, religion or belief set or group who uses coersion and war and murder and threats to further the cause of their god is evil and an evil religion. The Great God of heaven who created this world and everything in it is a God of Love formost and a God of vengence out of His necessity. He can defend Himself. He wants people to love each other and bring the Gospel of His love to the world.
      Islam is a false religion. It claims Abraham and Moses and even Jesus as members yet Abraham and Moses pointed to Jesus as the Son of God and waited for his coming with hope.
      Jesus never asked his followers to kill those who disagreed or who made fun of Him or his followers or even His prophets. He asked His followers to pray for their enemies, love those who abuse them.
      Islam is a highly organized form of gangsterism and holds sway by threats and murder. It cannot compete in the realm of religion or ideas on its own and God does not defend it.

  8. Micha says:

    I see. That’s what they call “the religion of peace”.

  9. Freeeurmind says:

    Q: Why is your freedom of speech only limited to critizing or pointing at Islam? Drawing the pictures of Muhammad (PBUH) is the only way of expressing FOS while knowingly it disregards Muslims? Why not talk of Holocoust.. bcoz that hurts you more??

    FOS should be allowed but keeping in mind that it dosent hurt anybodies feeling.

    FOS has it boundaries .. boundries to an extent that do not hurt or disgrace somebody, their religion or their self respect !!

    The muslims here throwing bad words at you are a reaction to your so called FOS …

    What would you do if someone hurts or disgraces someone you dearly love??? Think of your actions then and then the reactions of Muslims what is now!

    I am a Muslim, i too have my FOS , but I know my limits and demand the same level of respect from you!

    • Dangomushi says:

      You totally miss what the true boundaries of Freedom of Speech are. If the boundaries were “don’t hurt anyone’s feelings” then we would be running a foul of that all the time. Hell, look at all the insulting things Muslims say all the time to it’s opponents in the world. How would anyone ever have a political debate without “hurting feelings”. Honestly… no one has the “right” to not have their feelings hurt!

      If someone were to disgrace or hurt someone I love with mere words or images. I wouldn’t really mind. I’d likely tell that person to keep their chin up and ignore “silly words” n’ insults. I certainly wouldn’t get all violent about it! That’s just stupid and reactionary!

      There are boundaries to Freedom of Speech only in the degree that you can’t go around threatening someone’s safety or life. In that sense, Muslims who make death threats are the true ones running afoul of the boundaries here!

      As a Muslim, you need to understand that Freedom of Speech is a very intricate web. If you start limiting or censoring things that hurt your feelings… it won’t be long till you find your own freedom to say things limited in unanticipated new ways. To preserve freedoms to express ourselves, we need to be as broad and accepting with the concept as we can!

    • Tolerance says:

      “FOS has it boundaries .. boundries to an extent that do not hurt or disgrace somebody, their religion or their self respect !! ”

      So, uh, you’re saying free speech shouldn’t be allowed?

      How will you know if what you say offends someone before you say it? How do you know what they’re reaction will be?

      You might be able to predict what a friend’s reaction will be, but what about someone you’ve never met? Or someone from a different culture? Are you going to spend hours and hours predicting the reaction of everyone before you do or say something? Really?

      I actually do find the idea of oppressing free speech, even when you don’t agree, very offensive. By your own argument, then, you shouldn’t have posted your comment about free speech having boundaries. You see, you crossed your own boundary in posting your comment.

      Freeeurmind, everything is relative. To me, you are close minded. And to you, I must be. How can we ever come to understand each other if we’re not allowed to say what we think and learn from each other? If you kill or silence those who disagree, you can’t.

  10. Zippy says:

    Great blog. Keep up the work and grow this sucker! Amazing how so many muslims permit themselves to live such controlled lives…if Mohammed were so powerful and so righteous, surely he would not mind the questioning and a doubt of faith, and surely he would answer with kindness and love to show he was good…but no…he drives his people to kill…just sick…freakin’ sick.

  11. 1. Freedom of Speech has no limitations. If it had limitations it would be called Limitations of Speech. . .

    2. You (Muslims as a whole) have no problem discussing the Holocaust, mocking it or denying that it ever existed, because in your world it is perfectly fine to be a Holocaust Denier. No one jumps on you for your beliefs on the subject, no one sends you death threats. . . However, generally speaking it is frowned.

    3. It is perfectly fine to show over 9000 depictions of Jesus, Moses, God, Hitler, Chucks Norris, Paula Benson, but Mohammad is off-limits?

    Lastly, Rule 34.

  12. Robocop says:

    Great blog! I hope this grows big time.

    • Freeman says:

      yes we need more like this and kick all Basterd out of west what you think tell them you are not welcome

  13. Freeman says:

    Keep it up west we should do this long ago but its OK atleast we took initiative.Great God Bless you All.I do not understand one think why they are so worried about Mohammad so much coz all they are up to is 72 beautiful girls(virgin),and boys will be serve with Wine. Now think in this way what this Religion teaches you that you do this I will give you in return girl and boy to F.now they say we do not drink Wine where as Quran is offering Wine.Wow.
    Did you ever think what your sister,Mother and daughter will get once they are there?Moment of truth.

  14. gotohell! says:

    you will burn in hell
    listen to yourself!
    you probably need to get laid!

    • Freeman says:

      this all you can do ha terror.I wish you are in your Country you live in hell like your relative are living.Here your Daughter,Sister,mother and wife (or probably your sister coz you marry with your First Cousins Right) are safe coz its safe nations over there where you belong go live there this is not your Pl to live.I already did to you.Ha Ha

      • Jakie says:

        hey sorry i had to read your post 5 times, and even then i didnt understand a word you were saying. If your going to insult muslims can you atleast write an insult that people can read?
        kay thanks bitch

  15. Free Speech is Sacred and Protected says:

    Folks, if you are trying to persuade the world that Islam is in fact a religion, threatening to kill people is pretty much undoing the merit of that argument, wouldn’t you agree? What religion opposes human rights and Constitutional secular law that guarantees a fundamental, inalienable human right, free expression? Mo is ashamed of you for making him into a nationalistic, nihilistic Nazi dictator. The obscenity in the depiction of him is your own. Bravo to this facebook poster. Long live facebook!

  16. illyas says:

    the admin of facebook will pay for this…
    first of all facebook team expressed their non-humanity culture…
    Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not a leader for the Muslims.. But a leader to whole mankind… Allah will never leave the terrorists who drew the cartoons….

    all artists concerning this will get burned in hellfire.. Insha Allah,,,

  17. TJ. says:

    why is it that muslims are so hyper sensitive when it comes to anyone saying any about their prophet, or cartoons of their prophet.? But its perfectly ok for them to bash and threaten jews, christians, etc. talk about your double standarded.

  18. Deborah says:

    If the responses by Muslims on this site is any indication, I don’t see a lot of peace in Islam, and certainly no grace. Only threats and a lot of foul language. Your reaction says more about your so-called “faith” than you realize. Did you guys learn that from your prophet? I’m truly sorry for you Muslims who feel so threatened by a few harmless cartoons. When will the world wake up and realize Islam is nothing but a degenerate, violent cult which appeals to the lowest human instincts and is perpetrated by threats of rape, torture, death and hell. I pray that you will open your hearts to the LOVE of God and repent of your violence and hatred.

  19. Harold says:

    Y’all get way too hung up on religion. Draw Muhammad, draw Jesus, draw Zeus and Thor and Batman — draw the lot of ’em!

    • Not a very well thought out comment.
      I’d say the ones who were flying planes into buildings were the ones who were too hung up on religion. I’d say the ones who kill and threaten to kill others who draw cartoons are too hung up on relgion.
      That’s the whole fucking point of this protest.

  20. Free Muslim says:

    You guys are just mad because Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today, and that’s according to you POPE:



    This stupid guy aka “Andy” is just creating some unnecessary spark between the Christians & Muslims, which will only bring more harm to the west…

    Facebook & Youtube should be held responsible for the consequences for giving way to this hate crimes.

    • freeman says:

      Muslims started this and did it again and again We are tolerent People or you can say Civilized (that is why you are here)Our countries are better then your you have to admit otherwise go to Hell.Enough is Enough

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