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Freedom of speech! Nobody is above criticism, not even I ;)

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  1. Rune Jenkins says:

    Good lord.. as if we needed any more proof that the UN is a pointless organization.

    All religions have their problems, but in the current day and age, islam really is a malignant cancer upon the civilized world.

    • WhyBother says:

      …just like the “Black” community was the problem in the early 20th century. Oh, but wait a minute, now Hip Hop or Rap is part of almost every white person. I guess Islam is the 21st century “black” community.

      Think people. Think. Don’t let the media steer you in the wrong direction.

      • Yana Murphy says:

        Oh my God — if Rap, Hip hop, and Islam is going to be a major part of this world, I’m moving to some other planet!

    • Safar says:

      oh ya? i thsing, your religion is that

    • Yana Murphy says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. And the troublesome thing is that it’s garnering the attention of the world’s malcontents.

  2. Believe in you says:

    I dont know why these muslims, make so much fuzz about naming a cartoon “Mohammad”.
    1) The islamic tenet of not picturising Mohammad is “only for” Muslims, not for infidels, then why muslims are making it as a big issue? If they want us to follow their tenets, does not that mean they are infringing in our free speech?
    2) If Mohammad should not be depicted, why the world is littered with millions of people named Mohammad? They are all kicking and screaming in so many photos.
    3) If Mohammad should not be depicted, should not these Mohammad named people have been renamed by the so called true believers?

    • WhyBother says:

      Respect. Lack of fundamental respect is what we now call “Freedom of Speech.” It’s like me saying that the person who started this is a cock sucking fuck… which we all know is probably NOT the case, and nor is respectful. More importantly, this “Freedom of my speech” brought absolutely no benefit, but instead, more harm.

      So I ask, what is the point of this “Freedom of Speech” when the end result is to intentionally disrespect others?

  3. John Baptist says:

    [this is what i posted on Times Online today

    As a firm believer in the original idea behind Everybody Draw Mohammed Day i was quite upset to find my profile had been disabled on tuesday.

    As far as i am aware the postings I made to the page were nothing compared to some made by the muslim community on there.

    There have been threats of murder from this community, threats of non-consensual sex to the mothers and sisters of anyone who is a member of the page, constant spamming on the page, the creation of the Let’s Celibrate The Holocaust Day as a response, and of course the age old threat that we will all burn in Hell.

    My crime – quoting lyrics from songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, the Hokie-Cokie and Agadoo as responses to some of the more disturbing muslim posts on there. Seems threats of murder are ok, mentioning pineapples and trees is not.

    The whole point of the page, for me at least, is to stand up to those who intimidate and threaten their way through life. Not against Islam as a whole but against those who use Islam as a tool to justify committing evil acts in the name of a Deity who may or may not even actually exist.

    I am giving Facebook until midnight to reinstate my account, if not then I will break Facebooks rules and create a new one.

    My final thoughts I leave with you is that Islam IS NOT the king of all Top Trump cards and I will not continue to have my rights taken away by this religion of so-called peace.

  4. John Baptist says:

    glorious creator (peace be thy name)

    could you please publish the above article on the facebook page please.

    i’ll be back on in a slightly different guise at midnight but i’m worried if i post it myself it’ll just get lost in the bullshit that seems to get repeated by some.


    (the soon to be)
    jean baptiste

  5. King Yule says:

    What the Jews are doing to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip is worse than anything in the world right now.

    • John Baptist says:

      unfortunately for them that is there,

      what we are against is a seemingly ‘untouchable’ aura that whafts around members of a certain religion of peace, and the fact that it is constantly taking away the right of free speech in more civilised areas of the world.

    • BeeBop says:

      Worse than the Sudan????

  6. Abeee says:

    I feel soryy for you .Try to rediculate or mis with the Queen and see where your freedom of speach will take you . Worry about your country’s and people masive problems first and leave Islam and the muslems alone. You must be jealous of the beauty of the Islamic religion.

    • John Baptist says:

      to be honest i believe my country’s and peoples massivest problem is Islam

    • Amber says:

      Abeee, you are a joke, and your English sucks. Where is the beauty in all the women raped, and then killed by their families for it while the rapists walk free? There is no beauty in Islam. Islamists are just haters who like to rape and kill little girls. I think I’ll go and draw a picture of Muhammed now.

    • Dangomushi says:

      What are you talking about? You obviously don’t watch much British comedy if you think the Queen is somehow beyond ridicule! People ridicule the Queen all the bloody time, eh!

      It’s funny all the examples that Muslims try to point out of “well you wouldn’t mock this important/sacred thing”… as if they think the western world has ANYTHING that is beyond mocking like the Muslims.

      Frankly, people living in the modern western society enjoy the rights to freedom of speech and nothing is beyond criticism for us! If you can’t come into our countries and respect our freedoms to insult or mock things… then don’t come in the first place!

  7. Safar says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fuck you Allllllllll!

  8. Conn says:

    Do we really think it is the appropriate way to demonstrate the power and privilege/right of free speech to people who don’t understand it by using it in the most meaningless and unnecessary manner?

    Some things even though allowed by our right of free speech are unnecessary. They don’t add value neither to the subject matter being expressed nor to the act of expressing it (free speech). Showing the Pope raping a boy, Mohammed as a pig, denying holocaust (which by the way is a crime in the EU countries; so much for freedom of speech) etc. Similarly, if Washington Post or London Times start showing graphic pictures every day of mutilated dead bodies of American and British soldiers from the wars coming back to their countries for burial – it is free speech, but unnecessary.

    I am 100% in favor of free speech but I always fail to understand why free speech proponent will use it in the most useless, offensive manner. Is it humor, art, philosophy, critique?

    • James Power says:

      Denying the Holocaust is not a crime in EU countries get your facts straight. It is a crime in Germany. Germany is not the EU, in fact that was pretty much what WW2 was about.
      Also nobody is saying it’s ok to draw pointlessly offensive cartoons but the fact that we are being threatened with death and responding with drawing pictures says a lot about how we believe this battle should be fought.

      • Conn says:

        Although it is a slight digression from the point under discussion here, but holocaust denial implicitly or explicitly is illegal in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. Also, the European Union’s Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia states that denying or grossly trivialising “crimes of genocide” should be made “punishable in all EU Member States.

  9. Pencari rahmat says:


  10. kikikicks says:

    Hi,I’m a moslem from indonesia..I gotta tell u,for most indonesian,we actualy live in peace side by side with many religions and believes..and like most moslem-believe it or not- I could never agree with the terrorist..there is no honor comes with hurting others..
    My point is, there are many kinds of people,I hope we moslem doesn’t get judged by what other moslem did or didn’t do,..not all moslems are terrorist or rapist or murderer,..not all moslems hates other religions..
    So,please,if u hate terrorist,condemn them,not moslems..
    And from what I’ve learned about the meaning of terror and terrorist, if you are spreading some kind of action or words or gesture of hate about other in order to make them afraid and back off,that means u’re spreading terror,and that will make u a terrorist..yes,of course there are many kinds of terror and terroris,just make sure u’re not one of them..
    I sincerely praying for peace for all of us..

  11. True Moslem says:

    Islam is way of life and mohammed is a perfect politician which has succeed to build moslem world.

    All we need is high tolerancy between us.

    Jews and christians hate moslems forever. We realized that.

    But you guys are only human being. Not a god. AND EVEN JESUS IS NOT A GOD, HE IS ONLY HUMAN BEING AND MESSENGER OF GOD

  12. kikikicks says:

    couldn’t agree more with Conn..

  13. James Power says:

    I can’t find any evidence of that claim on the UN website. I would be highly sceptical of it given that it would contradict article 19. Can anyone post a link to evidence other than Pat Condell (I don’t consider his word evidence).

  14. ahmad tasikhun says:

    go to hell dog!!!

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