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  1. You know. . . I just realized there’s 2 major ‘religions’ you can’t criticize otherwise your criticism is punishable by death; Scientology and Islam kills.

    • Another real danger is the people in our own “free” part of the world, who think they`re not infected by religion. If you analyze a substantial part of the comments on the FB-group, you will see that both sides use the same group of people to compromize the “other” side. It`s sad to see. I am a sexologist of proffesion, and I deal with the results of that every day. Miceal Ledwith (Proffessorof religion) expressed this way: “We`re all raised in a cultural matrix, TOTALLY molded by religion..not going to church, synagoge of mosque, doesn`t mean you`re not “religious” (..)”. What we in the “free”world owe this freedom is democracy and science, maybe the sciences of history, religion, psychology and sexology most. Read the first article on http://www.freesexual.org and learn something about the religious “fingerprints” on your own personality. Respectfully Yours Richard Bruvoll jr

  2. Anonymous says:

    All the ones who believed the 2012 phenomenon, are the ones who think religion is bullshit

    My point: just saying . . . . . .

  3. IwingMusic says:

    well you piece of shit, why don’t you make wardaytomoslem.wordpress.com and start drawing your own bitch mother.

  4. John says:

    this stupid will be in a very very bad situation when he die

  5. Michele says:

    I can not beleive anyone could be so ignorant about another religion. Maybe instead of whipping xenephobia you shuld try actually finding out aobut Islam and you will find they are not that different to christians.

    • Dan says:

      Michele-all I need to know about Islam I learned on 911.

    • ashleyfmiller says:

      Who says we like Christians?

      A religious nut is a religious nut, and anyone who thinks violence in the name of suppressing blasphemy is acceptable deserves a good intellectual spanking.

      (((:~{> Mohammed Approves This Message

  6. Secularia says:

    What a great idea! Everyone should be able to draw any religious figure without fear of violence and terror.

    Many people know all about Islam, even secular people. The more Islamic terror, the more people worldwide study the Qur’an and other Islamic scripture.

    Islam is very different than Christianity or any other religion. Jesus preached love and “turn the other cheek” as well as “love your enemies.” True, many Christians through the ages never did as he preached, but that is what Christianity is all about—love.

    Muhammad, OTOH, preached hatred, bigotry, and Islamic supremacism. Muhammad claimed in the Qur’an that “Allah hates unbelievers.” Muhammad led armies. Jesus never did. Muhammad slaughtered his enemies, those who rejected Islam and even the “wrong” sorts of Muslims. Muhammad made their women and children slaves. Jesus never made war and never led armies. Muhammad raped and pillaged. Jesus never did. Muhammad married a 6 year old child and had sex with her when she was merely 9 years old. Jesus never did. Muhammad states that Islam must “rule supreme” in the world. Jesus never said that.

    The very idea that “Islam is peace,” while extremist Muslims worldwide threaten and kill innocent people and have done so for 1400 years in the name of Islam, is ludicrous!

    While most Muslims may be peaceful, Islamic terrorists do exactly as Muhammad did, cause terror in the world. The Qur’an is filled with racist, bigoted, supremacist passages that literally instruct Islamic terrorist as to how to go about it. The only things that have changed is that the “modern” terrorist uses stolen infidel weaponry instead of the sword.

    Those who claim “Islam is peace” have not read the Qur’an or other hate filled Islamic scripture!

    • human says:

      human is just human……no body’s perfect…………….
      FOR ALL> human can’t be a god, ,,,,we don’t looking some religion from what human made.

    • Father of George Carlin says:

      George Carlin u asshole dont talk about religion lol…

      dont Talk bullshit mom fucker LOL

      u have no religion mom fuker lol so just ZIP UR MOUTH lol…



    • hasu says:

      I’ve been an atheist but i have read the torah, bible and quran, for information and historic progress facts.

      What you are saying is absolute youtube knowledge, research isnt done this way.

      And talking of terrorism google the word terrorist and read it’s defination.

      and if you really like getting information online, try hitting stuff as new world order and bilderberg group, it will all make sence to you how our own govt’s, “islamic” terrorists leaders, governors etc are working for whom.

    • Sajid says:

      It is sad how misinformed people can say what ever they want. Lets not bring Jesus or Muhammad into this discussion. What their followers have done in the last 2000 years is shameful. It was not the muslims who killed millions in europe during the twentieth century, but rather the followers of Jesus. So do we say Jesus taught the wrong thing or are his followers who did the wrong thing.

      • Paul LaFaver says:

        Disciples of Jesus Christ are not responsible for the Crusades. Read the Parable of Tares.
        Matthew 13:24-42 for a clear distinction between true and false followers of Christ.

    • Ratna says:

      you guys are crazy! LOL
      you have to read The Holy Al Qur’an and also Hadits!
      you will know suddenly how beautiful Islam!

  7. Zapit says:

    If Christians are not different show me just 1 Page that got banned for disturbing Jesus/God/etc-Pictures. I mean Pakistan is banning Facebook @the Moment – they just block Freedom of Speach…

  8. Free Poet Man says:

    Islam / Christianity and Judaism these are bullshit… Because they’re only organized crime sources and they haven’T any good ways…

    Jesus or Moses Not better than mohammed because they want you live like slaves… Ethics… They’re against all reality of modern life….

    New Age / Paganizm / Budhism/ Taoism / Deism / Pantheism / Even Atheism… Not an organized religion because it gives human primary role…

    • True Moslem says:

      Every Mankind need one God, and there is no other GOD Just ALLAH. And Muhammad is the last his messenger for all mankind.

      Laa ilaha illallah Muhammad rasulullah

  9. Father of George Carlin says:

    George Carlin u asshole dont talk about religion lol…

    dont Talk bullshit mom fucker LOL

    u have no religion mom fuker lol so just ZIP UR MOUTH lol…



  10. hasu says:

    I am an Aethist, born Aeithist… Look people have been believing something for centuries it’s not cool to come one fine day and tell them its stupid or make fun of it.

    There is a different approach for reaching out to people, friend this way you are inviting hatred and trouble for yourself


  11. James says:

    Why do so many of you have a mental block on reality and truth?

    I’m guessing some of you are pissed at 9/11 still. I’m British, I’m not still pissed at 7/7. Naturally I was shocked and horrified, but EVERY nation and culture has these things happen, wether British, American, Iranian, Pakistani, Chinese or Nigerian. We have to accept these things.

    That includes their religion. If not, how are we gonna get along in the world? Your friend might have an annoying tick, you respect that and get on. Say you’re religious but your best friend isn’t, same applies.

    I myself am Agnostic, however my girlfriend is a Deist who was bought of a Jehovah’s witness, her father is a Pakistani Muslim. She knows almost all there is to know about both religions and more. Both religions from what she said have some crazy views on what you can or can’t do, but Islam has no hatred built in it. Sure you can interpret it that way, but so can the Bible, as I see most of the Christian has done, hence different forms of religion. If the whole world were Christian or Muslim then everyone might get on living under the same ideology, but they wouldn’t, it’s the human factor involved.

    If the one and a half billion Muslims that are in the world were after everyone, they would have done it already. The terrorists the world deals with is merely a small group of criminals in various places in the world. They’ve come and gone in different forms throughout history, this time it happens they’re Muslim.

    This whole “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” thing is terrible in my opinion. Respect their culture and religion, it has nothing absolutely NOTHING to do with terrorist actions, it would be like having a “Everybody Kick A Dog Day” in support of not liking Cats. If you respect their beliefs they are more likely to respect yours, not through their religion, but through their being, you can’t argue that.

    I don’t know if I’m making complete sense, it’s very late, but I hope you get what message I’m trying to convey. Everyone, think about what you’re saying, when you “research” Islam, do it properly, not through some Western Right-Wing websites like I suppose you are, also remember extremists are a minority and are EXTREME, hence the terminology.

    Respect, Peace and Love.

    • person nine says:

      this is about freedom of speech. no one has the right not to be offended.

      • James says:

        Sorry, have you not what I said? I was saying that you should respect others. You’re doing this knowing it will offend others, do you lack basic morals? Stop banging on about this “freedom of speech” stuff, yes we are entitled to it, however there’s a thin line between that and upsetting someone else, it’s not very nice. That is not matter of opinion, it’s fact, you really wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you would you?

        Do you want people to respect you?
        If so, then respect them back.
        If not, then don’t force your beliefs on others, be respectful none the less or you’ll end up regretting it.

      • GIffy says:

        I don’t care if people respect my beliefs. They are not entitled to it. By the outrage you would think that people were trying to ban Islam or tossing pork chops into a mosque. Its cartoons, cartoons of a historical figure.

        You asked how we are going to get along in the world and the answer is that people have to get over this idea that they have a right to not be offended. Every day in thousands of churches pastors stand up and say I am headed to hell. But you know what? I just ignore them and go on with my life. Muslims need to learn to do the same.

    • tukang komen says:

      I agree with you James, we must respect each other, if we want to be respected we must respect others. About freedom of speech, I agree with everyone free to speak, but all the things there are limits. If we use our rights without limits, then our rights would violate the rights of others. So, let us respect each other, let’s live peacefully together.

  12. daniel says:

    Fucking to all the people who had making those pages for ours prophet…..you like animal……..!

  13. Rachel says:

    Hi Bustered dear,
    Go & read history about all religion. your Prophet Hazrat Isha (A:) Is Muslim. He always pray to Allah blessing u.

  14. Wildan says:

    Allahu Akbar. Jihad ae lek lek Onok maneng Seng Koyo ngene..

  15. Ratna says:

    hey everyone here!
    I hope you guys be forgiven by ALLAH
    amen 🙂

  16. Ratna says:

    hmmm, I don’t know what’s on your mind, guys!
    just believe, you guys will get karma soon!

  17. all says:

    jancuk raimu asu …
    gak didelete blog iki, tak pateni lo

  18. bayu setya says:

    tthrthhv erhgergerg

  19. john says:

    you ppl r retarted madarfukin pieces of shyt lozzers, deprssed bastards, that r so retarted and confused about urself and ur own kind, i mean, where u belong and making these web pages and some of you know what i mean retarted lozzers u be always be keep getting crapier

  20. indra askari says:

    we agree your religion is yours my religion is mine so why Mohammed?

  21. person nine says:

    there is no god or gods. let me be clear: all religions are false. wake up people.

    • James says:

      Mate, just back up seriously? The majority of people living by religion live peacefully, the same with people living without, it’s humanity that causes the problems within. I know many people different people, Catholics, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist and myself Agnostic, but we all get along and respect eachothers belief, you should too.

      And can you please show me absolute proof of if God exists or not? Not even science has disproven it.

  22. Yo Daddy says:

    Why dont you go suck George Carlin and maybe then we will all go celebrate “Everybody Fucks Yo Mama Day”

  23. karim says:


  24. Farhan says:

    The ppl who threatened south park owners, are some extremists.
    so why Hurt the sentiments of 1.5 Billion muslim? just bcoz of some bunch of retards?

    It is like, if you have hurt me, then i will hurt ALL of your Family and all your coming generations.

    What kind of sense such acts really promote?

    The Man who has made this site dont even know that how much violence bcoz of his action,,is going to start.

    he has Just spread the cartons, but he does not understand its Violent impact.

    We Already know that this will bring violene, then why to even do such act in the first run.

    is there any mature person here?

    Does anybody knows the difference between Blasphemy and Freedom of speech?

    bcoz these 2 things r totally different.

    • Giffy says:

      They are cartoons. Cartoons. The idea that people would get this worked up about pictures they don’t like on the internet is absurd.

      And blasphemy is free speech.

  25. On Ali says:

    It’s easy to spread hate and that is what you prove.

    Even if we agreed on Draw Muhammad, the examples you depict on your blog header are of Hate Muhammad. Is your argument for freedom of speech of freedom to hate Muhammad.

    Clarify your stand.

  26. On Ali says:

    Wow, this site’s comments are moderated. So much for the freedom of speech.

  27. wisnu says:

    ok..thats your opinion jesus fucker…
    how about if we make “lets draw jesus in a goat asshole”….or “lets draw yahwe in your mom’s asshole”…..how about that ??
    would you join me to draw jesus in your asshole ????

    • Agnost says:

      Sure, seems like a lot of fun.

      Afterall, every religion is the same… I don’t understand how anyone with even the smallest of intellect does not see past the façade of organised religions 😉

      Hundreds, thousands of years of oppression by our “religious leaders”, for what?

  28. ApeShit says:

    wisnu: go ahead, as opposed to you camelfuckers, most christians would know that it’s just a drawing. a drawing represents one persons sense of humor/beauty/whatever *he is trying to express. a drawing is not the truth, although it can represent a portion of the truth. the viewer will know that when watching the drawing.

    apparently humor, the ability to laugh at funny things, the ability to disregard what one thinks is not funny, as well as the ability to form own thoughts and opinions – is suppressed in islam.

    now, go ahead and draw your anus-drawings and stop screaming about it. i’m betting you won’t get any death-threats because NO ONE IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE FEELS THREATEND BY A FUCKING PICTURE! we encourage our KIDS to express themselves in pictures.

    a 5-year old would understand this instinctively, but not a muslim.

    go f**k yourself and take your stinky desert-religion with you.

    • wisnu says:

      Apeshit:hmmm….your mouth smell like your name……or that is your jesus smell ????
      if you want to draw your jesus go ahead…i don’t care about that ’cause he is your god….but don’t try to draw my prophet….if you want to draw anything i don’t care about it but…..don’t ever try to draw my religion’s prophet………if you dare….you can fight with me ’till die…….

  29. Grizzly Mama says:

    Dude – they took down the facebook page!!!

    That’s it for facebook for me.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I agree god can’t be a man, and that established religions are just a way of controlling people’s behaviour same as state, but, I do think there’s something beyond all of us. My mind is limited, and I can’t tell the shape it has nor it’s attributes. Eventhough, the only proof I need of it’s existance is the fact we are, that things are, instead of nothingness. the fact sun shines when we wake up, and moon reflects it’s light. Look at the universe, forget all you are, and think deeply about it. It might not have a purpose, but seriously, Do you think all that just appeared like that? Call it physics, or call it Christianism, or think there’s nothing out there. The sole fact you believe in what you see is proof enough for me to understand there’s something. All that exists must have a source, and that source is to me god.

  31. Blue says:

    Hi. I don’t know if you can help but my Facebook account was instantly disabled after posting 2 pics on your “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” group. These are the 2 pics I posted so you can see they’re not exactly overly offensive:



  32. tharkang says:

    Has anyone been banned from Facebook because of posting Muhammad picture? I have been banned for posting this one:

    Does anyone think it violates Facebook Principles (it is
    hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence)? I don’t see how it’s worse than other ones…

  33. roel says:

    you are stupit people…
    you have to know you like a dog…your god is a pig

  34. fsdqasmia says:

    prohpet Muhammad peace be upon him was great then your loos thinking, all of you will be fucked when you die …. wait untill you die … mother fuckers

  35. tim says:

    firs al let al bekin to be ale to red and rite,

    Maybe dropping books on these clowns would be a start!!

    Knowledge is power and these fools aparently aint gots no scoollin at all.

    They only perceive what is by what they have been told for centuries is right.

    Apparently a learn to read initiative would have further reaching goals then dropping Bombs on these IDIOTS!!


    • James says:

      And yet you people seem yo wonder why the USA and partly the UK lack respect in the world..

    • Jakie says:

      you wanna know something funny? at an Isalmic school if you are in 9th grade, youll be learing stuff 12th graders are learning in public schools. Islamic schools have some of highest SAT scores in the nation. Every year in an Islamic high school senoir class of 30, atleast 3 people will get a full scholarship to an amazing college like Stanford, harvard and UCLA. Yeah clearly were the idiots here, and can you write CLEARLY? I dont understand when you bang your head on the keyboard and make random letters. Just a tot? Smart…

  36. Frank says:

    I love this site for this reason: If the muslim faith does not allow to depict the Prophet, then fair enough… only one small thing though – I AM NOT MUSLIM. Please don’t tell me what I can and cannot draw. Thanks

    • Jakie says:

      we, as muslims, are saying we respect you as a christian, and you in return, dedicate a day to draw our most respected person. Do you not have morals? Does it make you feel better to draw something that we dont want to see drawn. Is there any reason why of all the things to draw in the world, you decided to pick on us and draw the only thing we say not to draw? Do you feel better at night now knowing that you helped piss off millions of muslims? Have you even talked to a normal muslim and listened to them? Or do you just go home and watch the news about the one in a million of us who decides to kill themselves? Have you ever read the Quran? Do you even know what a Quran is? Did you know that in the Quran the christians and jews are considered the people of the book? It means Allah, or God loves you even though you dont love him. You were the chosen people! Allah dosent even say that Muslims are the people of the book, he says jews and christians. Just because you come across some hot-headed people who go from 0 to 60 in a heart beat dosent mean you can do things just cause “its not my religion why should i care?”

  37. What a sad world we live in…

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